Ḻuku Rom

Cultural Foundations - living Yolŋu archive.

Ḻuku Rom is collection of all cultural knowledge taught at Shepherdson College. We keep each experience in the appropriate clan folder for students to continue learning. Community submissions are welcome.

Ian Mcintosh in his 2014 paper Missing the Revolution! Negotiating Disclosure on the Pre-Macassans (Bayini) in North-East Arnhem Land has a section titled The Shock of Disclosure which directly refers to the sacred poles erected in the late 1950's around which our Ḻuku Rom project is based.

"....Yolŋu taking the unprecedented step of publicly revealing their sacred objects, creating a memorial to a way of life that was changing forever. "

This project is a continuation by the descendants of these men. Sharing sacred stories so future generations will not lose touch with what it is to be Yolŋu. But importantly these artifacts are Riyanarriy or in the public realm, to gain more than a superficial understanding, students must take up study via their clan Dhuni and Ŋärra.

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